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Grizzly Den

Information and Opinion

Nick Skiver
John Rako

Welcome to the Grizzly Den.  The Griz is a reclusive creature. He is 
a loner that seldom walks among us. (And when he does it can get  dangerous because: He's not afraid to fight for what he thinks is right!) Visit the Grizzly Den if you have the courage to face the Creature!
Out of the mouths of bears comes: 
  • Safety is not negotiable!
  • It's better to be safe a thousand times than dead once.
  • I'd rather loose with winners than win with losers! [...more]

And from the Rivermaster: 

The younger you are, the more somebody's idea seems innovative.
Everything is easy for the person who doesn't have to do it.

Canoing Rules to Live By from the Western Pa. Whitewater School, many years ago. 

New evidence that the River Grizzly really does exist! 
Young River Grizzly 
Where's Grizzly? Somewhere in this photo is the Griz in its youth. 

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