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Mission Statement
 The RiverGrizzly Mission is to be THE knowledge base for individuals interested in learning or teaching adventure sports. Our goal is to be your home on the Web for instruction and instructor resources in Team Building, and Leadership, particularly in Canoeing, Kayaking, and Rafting. We won't ignore Sailing or other small craft and we will save some space for Biking, Hiking, Climbing, and Skiing 

If you have been here before you know our construction is behind schedule. Be patient, we're  working on that. 

We have chosen to begin our construction with river canoeing and kayaking but we will be moving to finish the sections on costal kayaking
and freestyle as soon as possible. 

 We are very excited about our future on-line leadership school. Instructors can look forward to us supplying instructor resources including  instructor courses and blank forms. Plans include having maps and guides to our favorite places for adventure. 

If you represent a small adventure club or commercial enterprise, RiverGrizzly may be willing to host a modest web page for you (for a very modest fee) just to serve our visitors better. If you are interested or you have suggestions or comments you may contact the
 Rivermaster @ RiverGrizzly.com

These pages are always under construction so bookmark us and come back often. We are always adding and modifying text and images.

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