Introduction to Paddling 

"There's nothing quite so worth doing as just messing about in boats."

Paddling, whether canoes, kayaks or rafts, can be relaxing or exhilarating.  The peace and solitude of clear lakes and quiet streams is rejuvenating.  The excitement of a white water run has no equal.  Slalom, sprint and marathon competition requires extreme athleticism, while freestyle has the grace of figure skating.  If that's not enough for you, there are poling, sailing and rodeo competitions.

This article is an overview of paddling. Paddling is done, of course, with a paddle.  Paddling is not rowing, which is done with oars.  On the other hand, canoes can be paddled or rowed and so can rafts.  And because canoes can also be poled or sailed or carried or lined or motored, I guess these articles are about paddling, rowing, sailing,  poling, portaging, motoring, and lining.

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Safety First! (Quite Literally)
Canoes (Canadian Canoes)
Canoe Nomanclature (Names for Stuff on Canoes)
Kayak Nomanclature (Names for Stuff on Kayaks)
River Nomanclature (Stuff about the River)

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